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Can Pet Mice Eat Chocolate? 5 Things to Consider

Mice and rats in general are very attracted to chocolate, because of the high sugar content and nutrition value.

Although, mice love eating chocolate, it can pose a great health risk for them.

In this article, I will highlight some of the risk that comes with feeding chocolate to pet mice.

Is Chocolate Toxic to Pet Mice?

Cacao plants produce a chemical called Theobromine, which is toxic, to pretty much all animals as well humans.

While, real chocolate is made of cacao, therefore, chocolate also contains Theobromine. Various researches shows, that in low quantities, Theobromine has really good effect on humans.

The consumption of high cacao content chocolate protects the heart (source), increases energy (source), may help strengthen the teeth (source), reduce inflammation (source), helps the respiratory system (source), and offers good mood (source).

Although, the human body can eliminate the toxins found in the cacao and chocolate, for mice, even a small amount of chocolate can be toxic.

Can Pet Mice Die from Eating Too Much Chocolate?

Yes, mice can die from eating too much chocolate, because they can’t eliminate the Theobromine from their body.

Even a few grams of chocolate, which is high in cacao solids, will kill a mouse.

Is Chocolate Good Bait for Mice?

It is commonly believed, that cheese is the best bait for mice. However, studies shows that mice are more attracted to peanut butter and chocolate.

So, if you want to catch a mouse, you will have much higher chance with chocolate, rather than cheese.

Chocolate covered peanut is even more attractive to mice.

Which Type of Chocolate do Mice Like Best?

A test conducted by Rentokil, shows that mice are more attracted to chocolate with high sugar content. For the test, they’ve selected 4 types of chocolate with different sugar and cacao content:

  • 20% cacao, 56% sugar – milk chocolate
  • 30% cacao butter, 52% sugar – white chocolate
  • 62% cacao, 38% sugar – plain chocolate
  • 85% cacao, 15% sugar – dark chocolate

The test result is pretty interesting. Although, white chocolate is more attractive to mice, they like the milk chocolate better.

It is amazing, how mice can determine, even the slightest difference of sugar content in food. The milk chocolate had only 4% more sugar compared to white chocolate. The mice consumed double amount of milk chocolate compared to white chocolate

Mice ignored the plain and dark chocolate completely.

I was wondering, how a similar test would work, with chocolate types of only slight differences.

Is White Chocolate Toxic to Pet Mice?

White chocolate usually contains only cacao butter, vanilla flavor and sugar. Because cacao butter only contains trace amounts of the theobromine, it is less toxic for mice, however it can still kill a pet mouse.

So, don’t feed your pet mice white chocolate, because they can die.


Although, pet mice and rodents in general love eating chocolate, and their favorite chocolate is milk chocolate, you shouldn’t offer them this food.

Chocolate is toxic to mice, and even small amount of chocolate can kill a tiny mouse.

If you want to offer your pet mice some good treats, choose something that is natural and highly nutritious – such as this snack on Amazon .

avatar I’m Peter King, writer and editor of this blog. I’m a lifelong animal advocate and volunteer at the Animal Rescue League. On this blog I help people learn about pet mice. As a responsible pet owner, you should learn about your pet’s need before getting it. If you have any question or need help, please leave your comment below.

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Cilla Marshall January 14, 2021 Reply

I want to get rid of these mice that continuously live in our house, I have humanely set traps, caught about 7 in 10 days, driving them to a new location 2 km. From here. It doesn’t matter cause I’ve been told they breed just as fast and it just seems endless of getting rid of them. We live in the country which doesn’t help, I just want them to stay out of our home, It’s driving us crazy every night and dropping’s are endless

    I’m sorry to hear that. On this website I don’t give advice on how to get rid of pest mice, just try to help people care for the pet mice. You should talk with someone who has experience in catching mice; sorry I can’t really help with this.

    Try live trapping them I have used peanut butter and caught several. The issue then is, where should I put them? Too close and they will simply vine back. They don’t thrive in the forests like wild mice do there and are not protected by most wildlife groups. There little guys are smart, cute and take care of their families- there is a lot that’s pretty cool about them (they sing) but sadly they multiply quickly, leave drippings (too bad they don’t use a litter box) and freak out neighbors and building managers. Frankly if I could find a “wild mouse sanctuary” I’d be happy to catch all of them and bring them there! So the issue is where to put them. I do know people who have live trapped a family of wild mice, set them free in the wild with a large source if food and water (even set up a giant upside down water bottle for them) but Other wild animals will compete for that. I honestly do not know how long they will live out there, they have evolved for thousands of years to be near human habitation and eat grain and human food scraps. We have cats and the scent of the cats has kept both mice and rats away- seal all holes and don’t leave food out! Best wishes.

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