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The quality of being active during the day and asleep at night. Humans are an example of a diurnal animal.
Parasitic animals that live on the outside of the body of their hosts. Both fleas and ticks are examples of ectoparasites. This is not to be confused with endoparasites.
Parasitic animals that live inside the body of their hosts. Tapeworms and heartworms are an example of endoparasites.
Fancy Mouse
This is a term used to refer to domesticated versions of the common house or field mouse. Used in this context fancy means "hobby", describing the hobby of the mouse breeder.
Mus musculus
This is the scientific name of the most common variety of domestic mouse. Mus refers to the genus name and musculus refers to the name of the species.
The quality of being active at night and asleep during the day. Describing animals that are active only at night.
A omnivore is an animal that eats both plant and animal material. Often they are scavengers or combination grazer/predators.
This refers to the practice of getting a mouse (or any animal for that matter) used to interacting with humans. A well socalized mouse will climb into a person's hand and is not frightened of humans.