• There are several different types of enclosures that make suitable homes for your mouse. There is no perfect home as each type of enclosure has its positives and negatives, but you can find one that suit your needs and budget well. The main types of enclosures are wire cages, glass tanks, and plastic cages.  We will investigate their various strengths and weaknesses.

Wire Cages.
These types of enclosures are probably the easiest for mice to escape from, especially when they are small. A young mouse can easily fit through the vertical slits of most wire cages, so this type of home may not be ideal if you plan on raising young mice or breeding them. Many of these cages are also not very accessible by you, with only a small opening for a door. This can make retrieving your mouse from the cage quite difficult if your mouse has not yet become accustomed to being handled by people.

However, wire cages do offer some unique benefits to your mice. Mice enjoy climbing and acrobatics and a wire cage gives them plenty of opportunity to do just that. They will enjoy climbing the wires to reach all parts of the cage and is valuable in helping to stave off boredom. The wire cages provide excellent ventilation which will help to keep your mouse healthy. These types of enclosures also tend to be cheap and readily available at any pet store or online.

Glass Tanks.
Some problems with aquarium type tanks are with cleaning. Because of the clear surface you need to regularly scrub the inside to keep the tank clean. A glass tank is also a less engaging environment for a mouse because they cannot climb up the sides. This can be remedied by giving them extra toys on at the base of the cage, but a large amount of the tank space is wasted. They are very poorly ventilated and ammonia and bad smells can build up in them and harm your mouse. They are also difficult to move if you need to relocate the enclosure or move it to clean it out.

There are also some good features of aquarium type enclosures. Because they have solid walls, you can pile in lots of bedding without the annoyance of it spilling out of the sides of the cage. This gives your mice an opportunity to burrow through it. There is also almost no change of them escaping and these types of enclosures are easy to find and usually affordable.

Plastic Cages.
These cages, while an interesting environment for your mice, can be quite difficult to clean because of all the narrow tubes and modules. Many of these enclosures also have poor circulation and improperly assembled parts can inadvertently cause an escape.

The main benefit of these cages is that they are a ready-made, engaging environment that you can buy in one step. They are easily movable and keep your mouse’s mess inside its enclosure.

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