An important thing to note is that you should never use soft wood shavings as bedding for your mouse. Mice have a more sensitive respiratory system than most other small mammals and the oils released from woods like pine and cedar (though pleasant smelling to us) are harmful to mice when inhaled. You can use anything that will absorb wetness (like shredded newspaper) but commercially available litters will do a much better job of keeping the enclosure sanitary and controlling odor.

• Mice also like to have an area to nest or sleep in. This can be as simple as an overturned bowl with bedding stuffed underneath. They need these areas to sleep warmly and comfortably and are especially important if you are keeping a singular mouse.

• Some examples of commercial bedding material can be found below. Once you figure out how much you go through in a few months, I find it more convenient (and cheaper) to just order it online.

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