• This is a list and review of the many different mouse foods and treats on the market. While you can make your own food and treats and home, sometimes its easier just to buy it ready to go. We have also listed some places online where you can buy these treats and foods for much cheaper than you could in a store.

Tropical Carnival Mouse / Rat Food
• This particular mouse chow has the basic backbone of a good diet with treats included.

• Ingredients include: fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds.

• Enriched with a beneficial bacteria that helps digestion and gastrointestinal health.

• $1.50 / pound (Five pound bag)
Fiesta Mouse & Rat Food
• Specially designed for the dietary needs of mice and rats.

• Ingredients include: fruits, nuts, vegetables, and specialty seeds and grains.

• Resealable bag keeps mouse food fresh.

• $1.76 / pound (Five pound bag)
Fortidiet Mouse & Rat Food
• Pellet format allows for more consitant nutrition (mouse can pick and choose his favorite parts).

• Contains a good balance of nutrients and vitamins to keep your mouse healthy and active.

• Clean, easy format and very inexpensive.

• $1.20 / pound (Two pound bag)
Healthy Bits
• Healthy, crunchy, vegetable based treat.

• Personal favorite of Elmo the mouse.

• 59¢ / ounce (1/3 pound pound bag)
Second Helpins' Treats
• Health concious, fruity and nutty treat.

• Specially designed to the prefered tastes of mice and rats.

• Tasty and inexpensive.

•59¢ / ounce (3/4 pound pound bag)

• There are hundreds of commercially available mouse feeds and treats available as well as an infinite number you can create at home. These are just some of the ones I have used with my mice and found them especially fond of.

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