• Mice are naturally omnivorous scavengers, and quite good ones at that. Wild mice will eat almost anything they can find, but this doesn’t mean you should feed your pet mouse anything you like. Like any animal, mice have favorite foods, and foods that will make them sick. There are some general things you should feed your mouse for nutrition, but favorite snacks can vary from mouse to mouse.

The easiest way, is to simply buy prepared mouse food from your local pet store. Make sure the food is safe for mice as they have slightly different food preferences than hamsters or guinea pigs. The packages are often marked “rodent mix” and contain either solid blocks of premixed chow or an assortment of dry grains and seeds. Though these foods are usually very nutritious and provide the correct balance of nutrients for your mouse, eating the same thing everyday can get boring. Imagine if you had to eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! Preparing food for you mouse can be time consuming so I find it best to provide them with this pre-made rodent chow as supplement it with a different treat each time I refill the bowl. This is also a good way to figure out what your mouse’s favorite snack is, which helps greatly in training and socializing. However, if you really want to put in the extra effort, you can make some homemade meals for you pet mouse.

If you go the extra mile, here is a mouse diet (from the book Rats: The Complete Care Guide):

• 1 part – cooked, whole grain rice
• 2 parts – crushed oats or barley
• ½ part – millet seed
• ½ part – molasses
This provides complete nutrition in fresh foods which will no doubt make your mice happy. Both of these feeding plans are great for you mouse’s health, but no matter how good the meals are, you mouse will inevitably get bored with his diet if you don’t add some variation in it. That is where treats come in.

Treats. Just like snacks for you and me, these should be supplements to your mouse’s diet. As such you should give you mouse only small amounts of the following foods. You mouse will undoubtedly pick through his food for his favorites and eat those first, but he will eat the more nutritious stuff when he gets hungry. Here are some snacks your mouse might like:

• Green vegetables (small amounts)
     -Leafy greens
• Crunchy Fruits (not citrus)
• Garden Peas
• Mealworms
     -(bring out your mouse's inner hunter)
     -(warning: a little gross)
• Cooked pasta
     -Wormlike pastas (spaghetti)
• Cereal
     -(my mouse likes Cherios ™)
• Dry bread
• Store bought treats

Try all of these out with your mice. Chances are they will like most of them and will probably develop a favorite. I put some treats in with each dry meal I give them as well as when I want to get their attention (or to apologize for not giving them attention lately).

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